Lockhart Creek Trail 2020

On June 16/20, 6 members of the Friends, 2 volunteers from the East Shore Community and a volunteer from Nelson met at the trailhead of Lockhart Creek Trail in Lockhart Creek Provincial Park on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. Starting at 9:30, the volunteers worked their way up the trail, brushing, clearing deadfall with chainsaws and working on the trail bed where necessary. In a long day, the crew finished brushing and trail work to 6 km while the 2 East Shore volunteers, Klauss Plaumann and Sandy Oates cleared deadfall for an additional 3 kms. The participants were Roland Perrin, Eric Sargent, Eric White, Klauss Plaumann, J Sandy Oates, Elena Cigala Fulgosi, Fred Thiessen, Bob Boucher and Dave Smith.

The next day, 5 of the group headed up the lake to the trailhead for the Pilot Bay trail, the main trail system for Pilot Bay Provincial Park. During the day, the crew brushed and removed windfall on 2.5km of trail out to Boomer's Landing. Several large trees were left for BC Parks staff to assess and remove if necessary.