Kokanee Creek Park – Grasslands Trail 2016

During the previous winter, the Trails Committee consulted with the West Kootenay Area Supervisors¬† and came up with several options. On April 12/16, a group of Friends gathered at Kokanee Creek Park to work on the Grasslands Trail. Participants: Roland Perrin, Fred Thiessen, Dave Smith, Eric Sargent, Bert Port, Sue Port, Maurice de St Jorre, Elena Cigala, Brian Webster, Bobbie Maras, Sandra Fuller, Fiona Matthews, Llewelyn Matthews, Eric White and Joe Lintz. Photos by Elena Cigala And what did the Park Facility Operator think of all this? "Rick and I would like to pass along a great big thank you to all the volunteers that came out ...to clear the Grasslands Trail. We got more than I would have imagined accomplished!" Anne Pigeon RAP Park Contracting