Silver Spray Cabin

The original Silver Spray Cabin was built in 1910 for the miners working at the Violet Mine. At 7800 ', the cabin sits by the edge of Clover Basin at the head of Silver Spray Creek, which empties into Woodbury Creek near the eastern edge of Kokanee Glacier Park. The cabin was visited in summer and winter by knowledgeable locals (and the occasional tourist) for whom the long steep hike in to the cabin enhanced it's appeal as a hard-to-get-to treasure. By the late '80's however, the age of the cabin forced a decision on park management. It was clear that the old cabin was not salvagable but what to do? A new cabin would be expensive to build in such a remote location and the relatively small (at that time) number of visitors  made the expense hard to justify. As the story in "Silver Spray Cabin Replacement" outlines, a fruitful cooperation between BC Parks and the Friends of West Kootenay Parks resulted in the replacement of the old cabin. We hope that you will find the time to make the hike in to one of the jewels of Kokanee Glacier Park.