Enterprise Creek

Enterprise Creek is one of two drainages that access Kokanee Glacier Park from the west (the other is Lemon Creek). This road has been subject to intermittent closures for over 10 years, mostly due to washouts but also due to a lack of maintenance. As of late fall 2020, the road is open to the trailhead while the logging contractor works in the valley but during most years, the road is barricaded at the 2km mark and the trailhead is only accessible on foot, ATV, motorcycle or bicycle (approx 10km from the barricade).

There are two major trails that leave the old mining road; one is the Blue Grouse Basin trail and the other is the trail to Tanal Lake. The trail to Tanal Lake continues on to Enterprise Pass which accesses the core area of Kokanee Glacier Park just above the Kokanee Glacier Chalet at Kaslo Lake.

In the summer of 2018, Slocan Valley resident Ron Groom undertook the task of reopening the trail to Blue Grouse Basin. During the following winter, he joined the Friends of West Kootenay Parks and over the past two summers (2019 and 2020), the clearing of both trails has been largely completed. Thanks to Ron for his efforts.

To see photos of the work done, visit the Blue Grouse Basin and Tanal Lake pages.